Announcing Gravitas Academy OCS team

We would like to announce our 2019 Gravitas Academy roster which will compete in the Oceanic Challenger Series. We put together a team who are young and hungry. General Manager Juves spoke with the players and all of them have the ambition to win the OCS as well as play in the OPL. We will do our best to facilitate our players growth over the split and ensure we provide them with the best possible environment to achieve those goals.

Our OPL top laner Pabu congratulated Yu ‘GuaPi’ Yue on his accomplishment and also mentioned he had some serious mechanics from his late night soloq ventures.

With Raaz ‘Whynotbefriends’ Alfassi Berman being the youngest player on our roster Praelus had some encouraging words for him and he even expects big things coming into his first competitive split. Just for confirmation this really is Praelus’ excited face and voice.

Haeri is keen to see Bailey ‘Hotchelli’ McDonald’s development over the split because last split Haeri was battling it out in the OCS and one year later he is in the OPL.

Another player who impressed Raid in soloq is Yanshun ‘retribution’ Chi. Raid was quick to mention retribution as someone with good mechanics so he’s excited to see how he develops over the year. If you’re on twitter follow @retributioncys since his tag was missed.

Decoy is rather supportive of our final player, probably because they are both from New Zealand and the player is Andy ’emelg’ Chen. Decoy is looking to take emelg under his wing and teach him a thing or two with his years of experience.

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You can watch the full announcement video on our Facebook: