LCO 2022 announcement

Gravitas Glory in 2022

The LCO returns on January 24!

We have made some changes to the Gravitas squad in 2022, we farewell players who played for us in 2021 and thank them for performing with Gravitas, we wish them all the in the future.  Kyose was a star last year and attracted attention from multiple LCO teams in the off-season we look forward to seeing him continue his development with the Dire Wolves.  Safa, Aziyah, Rizza all have options outside playing League, we wish them well in their new endeavours.

Our goal is to help develop OCE talent, with a goal of seeing 10 Gravitas alumni on world stages by 2025.  We are 40% there with Pabu (@Pabu22) playing in Europe for BIG, Decoy (@DecoyOCE) playing in Brazil to play for INTZ, Haeri (@Haeri_lol) heading into his 2nd year in NA at Team Liquid Academy and Juves (@SinJuves) heading to NA to coach CLG Academy.

To keep that development theme running we have signed our 2021 Gravitas Grassroots roster (Tyran, Foreigner, Havik, Menace & Vxpir), we expect them to develop individually and as a group this year, we have also signed Tomasino, DaJueng and Entrust.

It’s a big squad, we expect all players to develop and contribute throughout 2022 as they juggle study, work and playing LCO.   

Here is our 2022 LCO Gravitas Squad:

Additionally, we are pleased to announce our coaching team:

A special note of thanks to Calvin who helped our coaching team scout and identify our new additions.

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