Gravitas Goodbye – LCO slot transfers to Team Bliss

Gravitas Goodbye

With the transfer of our LCO slot to Team Bliss our journey in OCE LoL esports comes to an end.

First of all we want to thank the 31 players that have represented Gravitas on OPL/LCO stages over the past four years, we are proud of their efforts over the 161 games played.  Behind the scenes I’d like to thank the coaches and staff who helped our playing squads perform. 

A big thank you to partners who supported us along the journey – Sports Geek, Scratch, Urban Alley, Money in Sport Conference, Flinders University as well as community partners Summoner’s Society and Weekend Warriors.

Additionally as a team owner I’d like to thank LCO and OPL team owners, past and present, for their tireless efforts in supporting the LoL esports scene in Oceania, especially in the transition from OPL to LCO.  I look forward to attending DreamHack in Melbourne and seeing LCO fans in the stands for the LCO Grand Final – it is a great reward for the work ESL, LCO and the LCO teams and players have all put in to make it happen.

We welcome Team Bliss who will be a great addition to the LCO family. “Team Bliss are incredibly excited to be stepping into the LCO as a new contender. We hope to play a part in continuing to build off the foundation set in place by Gravitas and everyone involved in the LCO who have made it the premier esport league in Oceania.” – Brendan Harms, Team Bliss

Although we didn’t reach the heights on stage as we’d dreamed of in our OPL/LCO journey, we’ve come away with some great memories, of which here is just a few:

For now, no more Gravitas Glory, so it’s a Gravitas Goodbye!

Sean Callanan

Best Gravitas Win vs undefeated PGG

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