Upcoming MatchGravitas vs Order/June 28, 2019/Riot Games

Strong resilience from the Gravitas boys

Game 1 – Bombers Breaking their loss streak in the second split, the Gravitas boys were on a high. After a week’s worth of scrims they felt prepared to square up against the Bombers. With their opponents banning both Sejuani and Yuumi, the boys needed to rethink their winning strategy and prioritise an Irelia for...
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Onwards and upwards for the Gravitas boys!

Game 1 – Chiefs After the first week, our third game matches us up against the Chiefs. After the first wave of banning we leave Sejuani open, only to have Only lock her in for himself, of course, knowing how much CC she possesses we decide that Praelus on Olaf is the way to go....
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