Gravitas Grassroots launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of Gravitas Grassroots with our grassroots partner Weekend Warriors.

Earlier this year with Weekend Warriors we ran #GRVTrials to scout the best up and coming talent that OCE has to offer for our LCO squad.

Over 2 weeks and 4 broadcast days we got a  glimpse of the future of OCE LoL esports.

7 Gravitas rookies were selected as part of our 2021 LCO squad and 16 players who participated in #GRVTrials have played in the LCO so far.

We are looking for hungry players ready to show their skills and they aspire to play LCO and internationally one day.

What is Gravitas Grassroots?

  • Development squad for up and coming LoL esports players
  • Headed up by our Grassroots Coach Aarsh
  • Supported by our LCO Coaching teams Valixas and Poltron
  • Our goal is to develop the next generation of LoL esports talent

What can Gravitas Grassroots offer you?

  • Participate in scrims with LCO squad
  • Access to GRV team meetings discussing latest meta
  • Play in matches and scrims with top LoL esports talent
  • Join our team development exercises
  • Development advice to become a pro player

We want players who follow our values

Integrity – You’ll be honest, open, ethical, and fair.
Collaboration – You’ll be a team player, a true member of #GravitasSquad
Grit/Resilience – You’ll work hard to reach our goals.
Passion – You’ll love playing and striving to be better.
Courage – You’ll challenge yourself and not be afraid to fail.

Gravitas is looking to develop the next generation of LoL esports players we hope that is you.

Are you Gravitas material?

Got a question? Send us a tweet @Gravitas or ask in our Discord 

Sean Callanan

Owner – Gravitas