Gravitas Squad ready for the LCO!

Gravitas Glory to return in the LCO!

We are excited to see the return of professional League of Legends as the LCO!

Here is our LCO Gravitas Squad:

Additionally, we are pleased to announce our coaching team:

Big thanks to our grassroots partner Weekend Warriors @WKWOCE they did an AMAZING job with GRV Trials to help us scout this squad.  Great to see so many players & coaches who participated in the GRV Trials be picked up by LCO teams.

We want to thank out 2020 OPL team for their contributions to Gravitas and we look forward to seeing some of them in the LCO in 2021.

Be sure to follow LCO on Twitch and all socials (which are the rebranded OPL accounts if you were already following).

Here is your Gravitas Squad (more announcements to come)

LCO starts Feb 23

Here comes the LCO!

For more from the LCO go to LCO.gg