Scratch partnership to launch with Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey

Scratch announced as Official Pet Partner

Gravitas is proud to announce that Scratch will be the new Official Pet partner for the 2021 season.

Scratch is a pet food business looking to fix the pet food business. 

Their mission? To offer you a new breed of Australian made dog food. One that’s good for your dog, better for the planet, and easier for you. 

Scratch produces the best dog food in Australia – made with whole produce, sustainably and locally sourced meat, 100% recyclable packaging, and free delivery.

Gravitas team owner Sean Callanan on Scratch partnership, “I’m really excited to work with Mike and the Scratch team. They are building a great business disrupting the pet food industry.  I know esports fans love their pets. I know we are going to see some great dogs on the Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey.” 

Scratch co-founder Mike Halligan, on partnering with Gravitas, “We didn’t plan to partner with an esports team, but the Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey is going to be really fun, and we’ll take any excuse to bring dogs into things we love. Ready to see a lot of fur fans join Gravitas!” 

Introducing the Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey

As part of the new partnership with Gravitas, we will be launching Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey, allowing fans to submit dog photos to be included on a Gravitas match jersey.  

Your doggo will have the chance to appear on Twitch and YouTube as the Gravitas players will wear the Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey on a selected LCO broadcast day during Split 2.

Additional, by entering, you’ll be able to able to win the following prizes:

  • One lucky fan will win a Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey as determined by a fan vote for the cutest dog. 
  • One lucky fan will win a Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey as determined by a Gravitas player vote for the Player Fave dog. 
  • One random entry will  win a Scratch $100 voucher
  • Five lucky fans will win the opportunity to watch a Gravitas Scrim with Valixas & Poltron to see what happens in an LCO scrim
  • Five lucky fans will win the chance to play a 1v1 match with the Gravitas player of choice

By entering, you’ll also be able to purchase the Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey featuring your dog!   If you buy a Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey, we’ll give you a $25 Scratch voucher.  It’s dog food you can feel good about!

How to enter

Post your best doggo photos on Instagram or Twitter, tag @WorldOfScratch and use the #GravitasScratchDogJersey hashtag to submit below to have your doggo on the Gravitas Scratch Dog Jersey.

We want to see the cutest doggos in OCE esports!

About Scratch

You can check out Scratch at ScratchPetfood.com.au, find out how Scratch works

Follow Scratch on Instagram @worldofscratch, on Twitter @worldofscratch and throw the like on Facebook at Scratch.

You’ve got this far, here are some cute doggos from the @worldofscratch instagram.