Mental Health Awareness with the OPL and Recall and Restore

Each year, one in four young people will experience a mental health issue. League of Legends players in Oceania rated mental health as their number one value, outside the game.

This is why Riot Games and the OPL have partnered with headspace and Le Va, the leading youth mental health foundations in Australia and New Zealand, to bring us the Recall and Restore Round of OPL.

Games are an integral part of human behaviour. It is normal and healthy for young people to engage in play as a part of their daily lives, including playing games online. Online communities are providing more opportunities to feel socially connected and gaming can help young people feel a sense of belonging.

At healthy levels, gaming can increase self-esteem and social acceptance. It can also provide an opportunity for a structured daily routine and can be a fun and relaxing activity. However, any behaviour, when taken to extreme, can have a negative impact on a young person’s everyday life.

Recall and Restore is all about putting mental health and wellbeing at the centre of every person’s gaming experience. With Recall and Restore; players, friends and family will be supported with resources, tips and information on how to maintain a healthy headspace.

Some of these resources include information on how to manage sleep and gaming, how to balance screen time and the benefits of exercise for healthy gaming habits. These resources can be found at https://oce.learnwithleague.com/mental-health/

Check out this video with players from the OPL, including our very own Decoy and Pabu, reflecting on what helps them with their mental health and wellbeing.

Tune in at watch.lolesports.com for Round 9, Split 1 on March 15 and 16 from 4pm AEDT for more information on Recall and Restore.