OPL Split Super Week Maths – 4096 scenarios for 5 Gauntlet spots

How do you determine who's on top of who?

When trying to separate teams in scenarios where they cannot be separated on points then it will proceed as;

  1. Head to Head record
  2. Aggregate record
  3. Tiebreaker match

Head to Head

If only two teams are involved and finish on the same amount of points at the end of season then those two teams will have their head to head compared and the team with the positive win rate versus one another will be the higher seed.

eg We have a 2-0 lead against Dire Wolves, win or loss this week we have the Head To Head against them.  If we end up on same wins we will be above Dire Wolves.

Head to Head - Multiple teams

In the event Gravitas, Avant Gaming and Dire Wolves end up on 10 wins and Avant+Gravitas beat Dire Wolves in week 10 then the situation is as follows;

4th Avant (Has head to head 2-1 both against GRV and DW)

5th Gravitas (Has 3-0 against DW)

6th Dire Wolves (Have lost both head to heads against both teams).

Aggregate Record

When Head To Head can not resolve the tiebreaker then Aggregate Record applies.

In the scenario where Gravitas win all 3 games in week 10 and Avant + Dire Wolves both end on 10 wins. Avant win 2 excluding their Dire Wolves game and Dire Wolves win 1 being the Avant game then Gravitas would have the Head to Head (3-0) against Dire Wolves, Avant the Head to Head against Gravitas (2-1) and Dire Wolves the head to head against Avant (2-1). 

With there being no clear head to head winner we can then separate by aggregate record which is as follows;

Gravitas  – 4 wins – 2 losses

Avant –  3 wins – 3 losses

Dire Wolves – 2 wins –  4 losses

The OPL 2019 Rule Set states Gravitas will be awarded 4th seed and Dire Wolves + Avant Gaming will be determined by their regular season head to head with Dire Wolves 5th and Avant Gaming 6th.

Therefore in all of above examples no tiebreaker games will be required.

When do we get Tiebreaker Games?

If 3 or more teams cannot be separated by Head To Head or Aggregate Records then Tiebreaker games are required like the scenario below.

If Gravitas, Avant and Order finish week 10 on 9 wins a piece and Order beat Avant Gaming in Super Week to take the head to head 2-1 then we have a situation as follows;

Gravitas (2-1 head to head over ORD) Aggregate Record 3-3

Avant (2-1 head to head over GRV) Aggregate Record 3-3

Order (2-1 head to head over AV) Aggregate Record 3-3

In this scenario the aggregate of all teams are 3 wins and 3 losses as well as the head to head being locked which means there is no clear 5th place team.

In this is the event in which a TieBreaker Games will be required and will be played on Sunday August 18th.


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