Jackson Pavone

Experience3rd year

PositionTOP LANE


You may know Pabu as the guy who solo killed Doublelift, Faker and Rookie at 2018 All-Stars, but if that isn’t enough, he is the friendly giant in the the top lane that’s known for his flashy hair colours and styles. Pabu is an OPL veteran moving onto his third year, where he has been renowned for his aggressive playstyle and diverse champion pool. He has represented his state in the League of Origin event where he showcased his talents at the iconic Margaret Court Arena. Pabu is a larger than life personality and you’ll find him either brushing his teeth on Snapchat, streaming or terrorising top laners on Summoners Rift.

What people say

  • Pabu no longer needs introductions after making himself a household name during 2018 All-Stars, but his versatility is where he truly shines.  Whether it’s dyeing a teammates hair, playing off-meta carries in the top lane or on tank duty – Pabu will always be there for the team.

    Head Coach
  • Not only a great talent as he showed at All-Stars he connects well with the gaming community. Off the rift I’m excited to launch The Pabu Project to showcase both Jackson’s personality and knowledge of the game. I know it will be a hit with fans

    Sean Callanan
    Sports Geek

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Oceanic Pro League

2019 Split 1GRV
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2020 Split 1GRV

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2019 Split 1
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2020 Split 1