Jordan Fernandes

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Don’t let his never fading smile fool you, when it comes to Summoners Rift, Praelus means business. The Jungler returns to Gravitas for 2020 is a good news story of hard work and dedication. Look for Praelus to lead this young Gravitas squad on and off the rift.  After spending one year in the OCS Praelus talents were noticed, he was rewarded with an opportunity to play for the eventual 2018 OPL winners and in the second split a regular starting position on an OPL team. You will always catch Praelus with a grin on his face, all while he has ganked your mid laner, taken your wraiths and won the game.

What people say

  • Jordan has shown great commitment to improve himself both in and out of game. Hard workers will be rewarded in our team and I expect Jordan to do his best to outwork every Jungler in the OPL. I’m thrilled to have Jordan back leading Gravitas in 2020.

    Sean Callanan
    Sports Geek
  • Praelus broke onto the professional stage with beastly back to back Shyvana performances for DW. He’s a young player with a bright future; and given the right environment he has the mechanics, drive and determination to be one of the scariest junglers in the league.

    Head Coach

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League of Legends Circuit Oceania


Oceanic Pro League

2019 Split 1GRV5471126209.4
2019 Split 2GRV3059124189
2020 Split 2GRV496476173263
2020 Split 1GRV444610820086.3

Career Total

2019 Split 15471126209.4
2019 Split 23059124189
2020 Split 2496476173263
2020 Split 1444610820086.3