Daniel “Decoy” Ealam joins Gravitas

Experienced OPL Support to join the team

We are excited to announce the signing of Daniel “Decoy” Ealam as the Support for our new OPL team.

“I’m extremely excited to continue my League career with Sports Geek team, our goals definitely align and that is what drew me in the most about joining the team. I still feel I have a tonne to prove as a player and I’m looking forward to do that in the coming year.” said Decoy.

Sean Callanan on Decoy signing, “After chatting with Daniel in the free agency period I was impressed by his hunger to step up and take his game to the next level. I look forward to seeing Daniel grow in 2019 and show what he can do in game and online.”

Brandon “Juves” Defina on Decoy, “I think we are at a point where you can’t say Decoy without Raid and Raid without Decoy. Again when you think of Decoy, you think top 3 finishes, Rift Rivals yet he’s still so young to the OPL. I expect to see a very scary Decoy this year”

You can connect with Decoy on Twitter @DecoyOce.

Good synergy from Raid and Decoy