Julian “Raid” Skordos joins Gravitas

Experienced OPL Bot Laner to join the team

We are excited to announce the signing of Julian “Raid” Skordos as our ADC for the new OPL team.

“A roster of such young talent with so much potential and players looking to prove themselves. Looking forward to playing with the Sports Geek yet to be named team and taking them to the top.” said Raid on what he’s looking forward to in this new OPL team.

Sean Callanan, the new OPL team owner on signing Julian: “Esports is a global phenomenon Julian is the perfect example as we conducted our free agency discussions behind the great firewall of China. I’m excited to see Julian grow as one of our leaders and show our roster how to be a esports professional.”

“The stars for Raid and I never aligned to play together before I retired but I finally get to work with the decorated veteran this year. I say veteran despite him still being so young, he proved himself last year as one of the top dogs in the OPL now this year we will do everything we can to set him above the rest.” said Brandon “Juves” Defina who also played in the OPL and now the general manager of the new OPL team.

You can connect with Raid on Twitter @SayRaid.