Harry Kang

Experience1st year

PositionMID LANE


At first glance you’d think Haeri might be a model of some sorts, but his good looks are merely a distraction from his mechanics in the middle lane. In 2018 Haeri had a breakout season in the OCS where he outplayed anyone who stepped foot in his lane. He is known for his quick fingers and willingness to take a 1v1 fight. 2019 is the year where he graces the OPL, not only with his good looks, but his good looking gameplay.

What people say

  • For anyone involved in the Oceanic League of Legends scene for a length of time – you’ve heard Haeri’s name. After spending considerable time at the top of the OCS, Harry finally gets his rightful crack at the professional this year. An incredibly young player with talent and motivation – I’m excited to see where 2019 takes him.

    Head Coach
  • I’m really looking forward to seeing what Haeri can do in the OPL. He impressed me during our interviews and his enthusiasm has already been welcomed by the team.

    Sean Callanan
    Sports Geek

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Oceanic Pro League

2019 Split 1GRV616094260.8

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