Gravitas get first win in OPL to open season

We started off our maiden OPL split with a clash against Legacy Esports, and some strong drafting by EGym and Juves gave the team both strong early and late game presence, with Pabu taking Urgot, Praelus picking up the Lee Sin, and Haeri choosing a mechanical champ in LeBlanc for his OPL debut. Raid and Decoy doubled up on the spellshields as the bot lane duo secured first Morgana for Decoy and then picked Sivir for Raid as the counterpick for the enemy Kai’Sa.

First Blood went the way of Legacy as Praelus fell in a 2v2 to Guts’ Sejuani in the midlane after burning Chazz’s Flash minutes earlier. He got his revenge however, and helped take down the Legacy midlaner upon his return to even up the kill count. Early shoving pressure in the botlane meant there was a significant CS lead in Raid and Decoy’s favour, keeping the gold lead that Legacy had within reach.

The entire team with the exception of Pabu made their way to the Drake Pit at almost the 10 minute mark to pick up their first Infernal Drake. A minute later, our botlane had shattered the first of Legacy’s turrets for a hefty chunk of gold. Legacy returned the favour a few minutes later to even up the turret count before we took advantage of a fast map rotation to secure our second Drake, this time a Mountain to help knock down more of those turrets. A Rift Herald took a big bite out of the midlane outer turret, which we followed up with a quick shove to knock the rest of it down.

At 17 minutes Haeri, Decoy and Raid rotated to the toplane and knocked down Papryze’s turret there. A skirmish deep in our jungle yielded a kill onto Papryze’s to equalise the kill count before spending the next few minutes positioning the minion waves for a non-contestable second Mountain Drake. With Baron on the table in 40 seconds, there couldn’t have been a better time to pick it up. For the next 5 minutes the team again focused on map pressure, forcing Legacy to yield yet another turret.

A teamfight erupted in the midlane as the game closed in on 24 minutes, where we traded the lives of Praelus’ Lee Sin and Decoy’s Morgana for Praedyth’s Kai’Sa and Crayzee’s Braum before also dropping Papryze’s Akali on the tail end of the fight. With the numbers advantage, the team moved towards the Drake, picking up their second Infernal to complement the two Mountain Drakes the team already had.

Minutes later, a lack of vision on the part of Legacy gave us the opportunity to sneak a Baron, and with Sivir and Urgot the big purple worm was quickly shredded, far too fast for Legacy to get to them in time. Using the Baron buff effectively, the team clumped up together in the midlane and destroyed the inhibitor to be the first team to break a base in the OPL this year.

Another Infernal Drake spawn was well capitalised upon to boost the team’s combat stats even more and the hunt was on as we stalked around the map hunting for kills. A pick onto Crayzee and then Guts handed the team their second Baron, and they wasted no time in charging down the toplane and shattering the base there. It was desperation time for Legacy, but the team steamrolled first over the freshly-respawned Crayzee, then Chazz and Papryze and the Nexus seconds later to put up the win in our first game in the OPL.

Full stats to be posted here soon.

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