2-0 and momentum building!

Game 1 – Dire Wolves To get the game underway Dire wolves started out with an Irelia ban as we followed with a Mordekaiser ban. Azir was next to follow for the Dire Wolves as Yuumi was taken away by us. Interestingly Dire Wolves banned Olaf last whist we wanted to ensure Dire Wolves would not...
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Gravitas Academy tiebreaker for gauntlet spot!

We may have called an end to our OCS season slightly prematurely as we are delighted to announce that the hard work from our boys means we will be participating in the OCS Gauntlet Tiebreakers. What’s a Gauntlet Tiebreaker? Well after the regular season there were 4 teams (Gravitas Academy, Bombers Academy, Chiefs Academy and...
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Down but not out!

Game 1 – Mammoth We were up for a tough week post Rift Rivals break with our opponents Mammoth being top of the table. It was a much needed win for our Gravitas squad and we knew it would be a hard fought battle if we were to take the match. With pick ban underway...
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