Upcoming MatchGravitas vs Order/February 21, 2020/Riot Games
Gravitas and Summoners' Society at MEO

Gravitas & Summoners’ Society at MEO

Gravitas is excited to be hosting a joint booth at MEO with Summoners' Society in the JB Hi-Fi Game On Zone. We will be hosting 1v1 LOL games at our booth and if you register now you’ll be able to skip the queue! Turn up on either Saturday or Sunday and we’ll check your registration...
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Eyes on the prize – Week 8 Review

Game 1 – Avant Gaming Straight into champion select Avant Gaming came in with a plan and did not hesitate with any of their first three bans, Avant removed Yasuo, Irelia and Yuumi. It was proving quite difficult for us to draft against Avant Gaming with their roster swaps but we opted for the Sylas,...
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