Gravitas Academy tiebreaker for gauntlet spot!

We may have called an end to our OCS season slightly prematurely as we are delighted to announce that the hard work from our boys means we will be participating in the OCS Gauntlet Tiebreakers.

What’s a Gauntlet Tiebreaker?

Well after the regular season there were 4 teams (Gravitas Academy, Bombers Academy, Chiefs Academy and Order Academy) who could not be separated by win/loss and head to head. This means on Thursday the 25th (this week) we will be playing in a tie breaker series to determine who makes it through to the gauntlet aka playoffs.

What’s the Tiebreaker format?

At 5pm the Gravitas boys will clash with Chiefs Academy while at 6pm Bombers Academy and Order Academy will play off. The winners of both of these games will play at 7pm in which the winner qualifies for OCS gauntlet. The loser of the 7pm match will still have a chance to make gauntlet at 8pm as they wait to clash with the winner of both teams who lost the 5pm and 6pm match respectively. And last but not least 9pm will be the match that determines the last spot of the OCS gauntlet.
If this is all too confusing please refer to the graphic in this post.

Will it be streamed?

Make sure you support the boys in chat and drop a #GRVAWIN!