2-0 and momentum building!

Game 1 – Dire Wolves

To get the game underway Dire wolves started out with an Irelia ban as we followed with a Mordekaiser ban. Azir was next to follow for the Dire Wolves as Yuumi was taken away by us. Interestingly Dire Wolves banned Olaf last whist we wanted to ensure Dire Wolves would not get their hands on Karma. Lux was first picked by Dire Wolves which was no surprise as this has been a staple in their champion pool for quite a while. We opted in for Tahm Kench and Sylas jungle which has seen a rise in popularity globally. Dire Wolves chose to flex the Aatrox and secure their bot lane in the first 3 picks with Ezreal being selected. To close out the first rotation of picks we locked in Ashe which when paired with Tahm is an extremely safe lane with plenty of play making tools. The next phase of bans meant we got rid of Renekton whilst Dire Wolves banned Akali. Gangplank was our final ban and Dire Wolves final ban was Camille. Fresh out of bans we picked Yasuo to take into the midlane. Neeko was picked from the Dire Wolves which went top lane and Lee Sin rounded out their composition. Our counter pick for Neeko top was the Corki.

From the very start this game was packed with action as at level 2 Haeri on Yasuo managed to solo kill Getback’s Aatrox. At 3 minutes into the game Raise went for a blue buff steel but the Gravitas squad collapsed which led to 2 kills going over to Praelus on the Sylas jungle. 5 minutes into the game our jungle and support were able to roam mid lane and kill the Aatrox yet again which set the tone for a huge Yasuo. Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore action Haeri roamed botlane at 7 minutes to return the favour and pick up the kill on Lu, Raise was able to trade blows as he managed to pick Pabu off in the top lane at the exact same time. At 9 minutes Pabu counter ganked mid lane with a Corki package to yet again pick up a kill on the Aatrox. It took just 11 minutes and a 4 man rotation to break mid lane tower due to the relentless pressure from our squad. At 17:45 minutes game time Dire Wolves forced a desperate play top lane where a team fight erupted, we came out on top only losing Haeri in the process whilst acing the Dire Wolves. Another desperate play followed at 22:38 where a skirmish ensued and we managed to kill all but Raise of the Dire Wolves squad which resulted in a 23 minute Gravitas Baron. It was slow and steady from then on, the game consisted of a heavy 1-3-1 push where at 30 minutes we managed to tower dive Dire Wolves inside of their base, acing them and destroying their nexus to pick up the 1-0.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina and Decoy sat down to recap the game


Game 2 – Legacy

To start the game off we banned rumble first as it’s been a niche pick for Legacy for a few weeks. Mordekaiser was banned by Legacy as they didn’t want to see him in the hands of Pabu. Yasuo was our next ban which some fans questions since we have Haeri the Yasuo monster. Sejuani was followed by Legacy which was no surprise. Same as yesterday we our last ban of the first 3 was Karma to which Legacy banned Irelia. Our first pick was Sylas which has given us a lot of success in recent weeks. Lux was the first choice for Legacy as well as Ezreal. Yuumi and Lucian were our choices for our bot lane which gave us an immense amount of kill pressure at level 6. Legacy chose Rek’sai for Guts to put Praelus under some early game pressure. With both top lane and mid lane having not been selected yet our second rotation bans were Aatrox and Talon while Legacy’s were Camille and Leblanc. To finish off pick ban we had grabbed Azir for the mid lane and Qiyana for the top lane and Legacy wrapped it up with Ahri mid lane and Jayce top lane.

This game got off to a rough start for us as at 6:30 game time Pabu was 3 man dove resulting in losing a massive wave and being put at a big early game deficit on Qiyana. 11:50 into the game the result of a bad dive in the bot lane meant Praelus had been picked off and as a result we were down 1k gold. The game somewhat stabilized right up until 18:30 where we managed to trade a kill onto Sylas for a kill onto Qiyana but the end result was massive for us as Raid was able to split push and take a tower in the top lane making the gold dead even again. Haeri came up huge 21:50 into the game where his Azir solo killed Chazz’s Ahri which led to us starting the Baron to be followed up by our Play of The Week from Pabu where he landed a 4 man Qiyana stun into the wall near baron as Haeris Azir freely hit Legacy which resulted in 4 kills and a big gold swing. 25:25 and Pabu was able to flank which picked him up a kill on Ezreal whilst Haeri and Raid managed to pick up some kills across the board off camera, Baron was to follow this powerplay and a 5k gold lead. Whilst we were sieging bot lane inhibitor at 30:30 Haeri and Pabu combined ultimates to completely wipe the Legacy line up resulting in a 2-0 weekend for our Gravitas boys.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Jordan “Praelus” Fernandes and Brandon “Juves” Defina chats after the game and our first 2-0 weekend this split


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When our old man Brandon “Juves” Defina get back on the rift (for OCS)

Guess this was the key to our 2-0 weekend win