OCS Tiebreaker Recap

With gauntlet for our Gravitas Academy squad rapidly approaching we wanted to give everyone a quick recap of our tiebreaker road to gauntlet. We even had our General Manager Juves step in as support.

Game 1 vs Chiefs Academy:

Gravitas Academy went to the Rift with Camille, Olaf, Karma, Lucian and Nautilus while Chiefs Academy had locked in Shen, Lee Sin, Cassiopeia, Yasuo, Thresh. The game was backwards and forwards very early on with a majority of the skirmishes taking place in the bot lane. Neither team was running around with a gold lead as it was being contained at 1 to 2 thousand each side right up until the 21 minute mark. An ambitious face check from our Academy boys had Chiefs pick up 3 kills and the Baron. The resulting Baron tilted the gold lead heavily in Chiefs Academy favour and there was nothing else our boys could do to bring the game back and ultimately the Chiefs Academy closed it out in 31 minutes.

Match History

Game 2 vs Bomber Academy:

After that first game Juves was angry!

The boys were ready to take on Bombers who earlier lost their first game as well. Gravitas Academy locked in Vladimir, Sejuani, Cassiopeia, Kai’Sa and Braum while Bombers Academy had opted for Kennen, Sylas, Corki, Lucian and Nautilus. Again, not much happened in this game early on, Bombers Academy tower dove Retribution and Juves killing both but a teleport from Hotchelli meant it was an even 2 for 2 trade. At 23 minutes a skirmish took place around Baron where Gravitas Academy were table to pick up a couple of kills as well as the Baron buff. With Baron acquired we managed to slowly enter the Bombers Academy base where the last team fight Hotchelli picked up a penta kill to cap off an impressive performance for our mid laner.

Match History

Game 3 vs Chiefs Academy:

After securing the victory this was a chance for revenge for our earlier match with the reward being gauntlet.

Chiefs composition consisted of Urgot, Olaf, Karma, Irelia and Thresh. Our Academy boys went for comfort picks which meant we locked in Gangplank, Sejuani, Orianna, Twitch and Braum. Chiefs were off to a good start in the game as they took First Blood and Infernal Drake. Composure was key for the boys as they managed to weather the storm, a big turning point was Guapi getting 4 man tower dove and trading a kill onto the enemy Irelia while Juves and Retribution managed to pick up a double kill in the bot lane. Some big Orianna shockwaves followed up with CC from the rest and Guapi 1v2ing in side lanes we managed to pick up some big gold leads and eventually the game. 

Match History

It was a massive team effort from the Gravitas Academy squad and what was evident throughout the year was the grit, determination and depth of talent in our Academy team. Make sure you support the full roster in the gauntlet Thursday August 1 5pm as they play a BO3 against Legacy Genesis over at Twitch.tv/riotgamesoce