On the Rise – Week 7 Review

Game 1 – Bombers

Our Friday night clash was against a surging Bombers. Straight into champion select and without any hesitation Bombers banned Yasuo followed by our Xayah. Qiyana was next to go likewise with Karma from us. Renekton was the final of the 3 bans from Bombers as the boys did not want to deal with Olaf. Bombers put a high priority on Akali and first picked it, we responded with Lucian and Sylas which was headed into the jungle. Bombers picked Irelia which revealed both solo lanes. The early pressure of Rek’sai was the choice for Wilder. Yuumi was our final pick before bans to give us a lane focused duo. In the second phase of bans Bombers took Skarner and Azir off the table which were both valuable picks into their jungle and solo lanes, while we banned Nautilus and Ezreal forcing the Bombers bot lane onto somewhat of a non standard pick. Sona and Tahm for the Bombers finished off pick ban and Vladimir Camille were the solo laners for us.

Before the coaches interview even had a chance to conclude it was Mimic who picked up first blood in the top thanks to a gank from Wilder. Off to a rough start the game managed to stay fairly quiet with a few Summoner Spells burnt here and there. At just 10 minutes Bombers managed to accrue a 2.8k gold lead just from laning whilst Wilder was able to pick up both the first drake and Rift Herald. At 13 minutes a fight erupted in the bot lane, both top laners teleported in and Bombers came out huge picking up two kills on Pabu and Praelus which led to Bombers securing an infernal drake and some turret plates. At 23 minutes our boys went on the chase to try and secure a kill onto the Akali whilst the other four members of the Bombers went straight to Baron, we managed to pick up the Akali kill but the Baron went over with no contest. At 24 minutes Bombers were able to brute force the bot lane inhib and as they were backing out Camille engaged onto three members with a Yuumi ultimate but Bombers managed to take down Pabu, Praelus and Lucian. The ensuing push and death timers meant Bombers were able to close the game out at 26 minutes.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina sits down with Decoy to recap the game

Game 2 – Order

Saturday nights game against Order was do or die for our Gravitas boys, a win was crucial to stay in the gauntlet race. Champion select started off quite similarly to yesterdays as Order opened with a Yasuo ban and we responded with Karma. Order banned Irelia and we banned Xayah to deny the lover duo. Qiyana being an unknown quantity meant Order banned it and our last ban was the first pick of Order yesterday which was Yuumi. Without any hesitation Order first picked Sylas, our reaction was Lucian and Jarvan making our team fighting intent clear. The second rotation of picks had spookz pick the Sejuani which meant Sylas was going mid lane, the second pick was Tahm for Order. The last pick for us before bans was Azir. The last two bans for Order were Braum and Pyke to deny any sort of a lane kingdom bot lane whilst ours were Corki and Varus denying a potential poke composition from Order. Ezreal and Kennen rounded out the pick ban for Order whilst Rakan and Ryze finished it off for us.

Yet again in another Gravitas game there was some early action where a Spookz Sejuani managed to flash and secure first blood for Swiffer. Just when you thought Spookz was done he ran straight top lane to kill Pabu who had just teleported back to lane with a Tear which he was hoping to stack up. At 6:45 a skirmish in the top lane broke out which saw Ryze and Jarvan vs Sejuani and Kennen, a nice flash from Praelus meant Pabu was able to pick the kill up on Kennen while Haeri’s Azir was able to roam up river and secure the second kill to equalise the gold. At 12 minutes another skirmish broke out in the top side river which saw Haeri pick up on the kill onto Swiffer’s Sylas, a Rift Herald then ensued for our Gravitas boys. Just on the 14:30 minute mark Rift Herald was used to break first tower in the top lane, it wasn’t all for free though as Swiffer managed to kill Praelus’ Jarvan and Raid’s Lucian however an overchase meant Spookz, Dream and Jayke were cleaned up by Decoy, Haeri and Pabu. 19:20 into the game we made an over aggressive play in the mid lane which saw Raid and Haeri being slain but Order one upped us on the aggression and a nice outplay from Decoy, Pabu and Praelus meant we killed four members of Order resulting in a 21 minute Gravitas baron. At 22 minutes Order were desperate to stop our Baron push so they forced on Pabu in the bot lane, our boys collapsed and picked up three kills plus the bot lane inhibitor. 25:50 had Praelus taking control of the game and making a huge play which had Dream teleporting into his death followed by a kill onto the Tahm Kench, the net result was the mid lane inhibitor. At 28 minutes an over zealous baron attempt from us had Order trading even, a 2 for 2 and not much happening. Order tried pushing down mid lane for some priority at 30:20 minutes but our boys took the fight to them Pabu on one side, Praelus on the other we engaged in a 5v5 team fight managing to kill 4 members and push down mid to end the game.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina chats with Pabu at the airport after winning the game