Gravitas most memorable moments!

Unfortunately our split has come to an end. We fought valiantly to make gauntlet, only just missing out. We would like to thank all our fans for the overwhelming amount of support we were shown during our first ever competitive split. The split was filled with plenty of moments which consisted of highs, lows, magic and as described by our players “A good time with the boys”. What is important to us at Gravitas is sharing our journey with the fans, so to commemorate our first split, we asked our players what their favourite moments were from the year thus far;

First of many team brunches

You will probably see a recurring theme in our memorable moments, that revolves around eating out or being surrounded by food. This moment was special to us because it was the first time all the players had moved into the house, started scrimming and had brunch together.

Gravitas - First brunch
First brunch with the boys

Big win against Mammoth

Arguably one of our biggest wins as an organisation was against MAMMOTH. It was also our biggest win as a playing group. The win was best described by Decoy where he said “It was just such a fun game to play, everything from the communication in game to the passion shown, made it so memorable.”

Recall and Restore

A round that was very close to all of our hearts was the ‘Recall and Restore’ round where the round was dedicated to ‘Levelling up Mental Health’ with headspace and Le Va. It was a proud moment for our organisation, team and staff to be a part of this special round.

2-0 week

Another historical moment in Split 1, for both players and the organisation, was our first 2-0 week. It set the tone for our split and our resurgence back up the ladder and into gauntlet contention.

Team dinner, more food!

One way the team bonded and shared enjoyable moments was over food. Pabu described it best when he said “Everything about the boys = food”. The team agrees, as their next special moment was our mid-split team dinner, spent eating some award winning food. If there was ever a place that won awards for their food then the team had to go. Team owner Sean Callanan by taking us on a night out for pizzas and cosmos, and it’s fair to say this night is on the top of all of the players list.

Gravitas - award winning dinner
Award winning food for the boys!

Disappointed but looking up

Lastly, we all agree that not making gauntlet was disappointing for all involved, with it ultimately coming down to the last game of the season. Our players shared their thoughts on the split and feelings towards narrowly missing out on the playoff spot.   Watch the reaction from everyone in the team in this week’s Takeaway Tuesday below.


We would like to thank the League of Legends community, OPL fans, Gravitas faithfuls and any followers abroad for your support throughout our first split in the OPL. We will do everything possible in the off season to come back bigger and better for Split 2.