Announcing the 2020 Gravitas squad

We are pleased to announce our 2020 Gravitas squad with a familiar face Praelus returning,  plus some fresh new faces joining the OPL.

A big thanks to our community partner Summoners’ Society who assisted our team in recruiting our roster, it’s great to see members from Summoners’ Society in Gravitas jerseys.  That’s exactly why we partnered with them to help grow and encourage the grassroots scene.

Top Lane – Lachlan ‘Nobody’ Keene-O’Keefe
Jungle – Jordan ‘Praelus’ Fernandes
Mid Lane – David ‘Beats’ Nguyen
ADC – Nathan ‘Puma’ Puma & Liam ‘Bambi’ Jowitt
Support – Jordan ‘Kpop’ Hazeltine & Ashley ‘TrAshley’ White

Our coaching staff of Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh, who will be stepping up from coaching Gravitas Academy in the OCS, and our 2019 coach Calvin ‘Calvin’ Lee have done a great job of pulling together the squad for the 2020 season.

We are looking forward to supporting and developing our roster as they juggle the demands of work, study and playing in the Oceanic Professional League.

We have a number on exciting initiatives planned for both players and fans alike across our digital platforms.  We’ll be sharing video and more photos from OPL Media Day on our Instagram in the lead up to the OPL season, follow @GravitasOCE on Instagram to learn more about the team.

We’re ready to take on Oceania’s best players in the OPL with Split 1 kicking off on Friday January 31.

Check out the Gravitas Split 1 schedule here.  We take on Order & Mammoth in Week 1.