Gravitas’ year in review

Split 1 and 2

With our first year in the OPL done and dusted we look back on both splits having felt happiness in our wins, sadness in our losses but most importantly proud with how everyone represented Gravitas both on and off Summoners Rift.

In our first year we set out to be courageous which meant taking risks, we aimed to show grit which was evident throughout both gauntlet attempts,  show passion for not only the game but esports, collaborate with teams and the community and last but not least to show integrity as an organisation. With these things in mind we are proud of what we accomplished in 2019.

Now for the fun stuff;

Our player with the most kills for the year was none other than Raid. Of course an ADC does not go without his support which is why Decoy has finished with the most assists of our 2019 season. Now the player with the most deaths…never-mind we won’t go into that statistic. Pabu finished the season with a whopping 14 solo kills, I guess he wasn’t kidding when he took down Faker. Our man in the jungle Praelus managed to get himself involved in 66.7% of all of the teams kills!

RankPlayerKillsDeathsAssistsGoldAvg. KDA RatioAvg. Total Gold


Most memorable win

Our biggest win of the split would of course be the win in week 9 against Order. The win secured us the head to head against our Melbourne rivals whilst also putting us in a great position heading into super week!



Being able to share moments like our victories, losses and triumphs with our fans is what made this year so special.


Pre game warm up

One of our favourites is seeing our guys warm up before taking to Summoners Rift which usually includes some very uncoordinated dance moves.

Celebratory photos

Our favourite bit, celebrating wins with photos that you all know and love





We would like to thank you for all of your support throughout split 1 and 2 of 2019 and we can’t wait to see you at the Melbourne Esports Open.

For tickets to MEO: gravitas.gg/meo2019-20disc