Welcome DrmReaper & KlockzyyY to Gravitas Valorant squad

As we prepare for our first Valorant match on November 14 we are happy to announce the final members to our inaugural squad the Rise of Valour tournament.

Anthony Drmic brings a wealth of competitive experience from the world of basketball as a professional basketballer playing for the Brisbane Bullets in the NBL.   He is an avid gamer & streamer and has been playing Valorant since launch.  “We look forward to seeing Anthony sharing his insights on being a professional athlete while learning more about esports scene.  Super excited to have Anthony on board for the Rise of Valour tournament.”, said Gravitas owner Sean Callanan.

They join our starting Gravitas Valorant squad.

Stay tuned for more from our Valorant squad in the lead up to our first match in Rise of Valour.

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