Julian Skordos

Experience3RD year



Raid comes with a wealth of experience and a wealth of curls. Seriously the curls on his head are amazing. On a serious note Raid has been in the OPL since 2016 where he has been fine tuning his skills both in and out of game. 2018 was the breakout year for Raid where he established himself as one of the best marksmen in the region with outstanding performances at Rift Rivals and split 1 and 2 gauntlets.

What People Say

  • Raid has been an OPL ADC staple for a while, and after bouncing through multiple partners he’s settled down with Decoy and had his most successful year to date in 2018. Incredible communication and strong teamplay is where he shines, and that’s exactly what a young roster like Gravitas needs for the upcoming season.

    Head Coach
  • I’m excited to see Julian grow as one of our leaders and show our roster how to be an esports professional.

    Sean Callanan
    Sports Geek