Welcome DrmReaper & KlockzyyY to Gravitas Valorant squad

As we prepare for our first Valorant match on November 14 we are happy to announce the final members to our inaugural squad the Rise of Valour tournament. Anthony ‘DrmReaper’ Drmic – Follow on Twitter  @AnthonyDrmic, Twitch DRMDog, @dmric22 on Instagram  and on Youtube Drmic22 Lachlan ‘KlockzyyY’ Burke – Follow on Twitter @klockzyy and Twitch klockzyyy...
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Introducing Gravitas Valorant Squad for Rise Of Valour

We are pleased to announce our very first Valorant squad ready for Rise of Valour tournament on the road to First Strike. Welcome new Gravitas players ready to bring #GravitasGlory to the OCE Valorant scene, give them a follow on Twitter & Twitch as we prepare for our first match on November 14. Noah ‘Nozz’...
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