Upcoming MatchGravitas vs Order/February 21, 2020/Riot Games

OCS Tiebreaker Recap

With gauntlet for our Gravitas Academy squad rapidly approaching we wanted to give everyone a quick recap of our tiebreaker road to gauntlet. We even had our General Manager Juves step in as support. Game 1 vs Chiefs Academy: Gravitas Academy went to the Rift with Camille, Olaf, Karma, Lucian and Nautilus while Chiefs Academy...
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On the Rise – Week 7 Review

Game 1 – Bombers Our Friday night clash was against a surging Bombers. Straight into champion select and without any hesitation Bombers banned Yasuo followed by our Xayah. Qiyana was next to go likewise with Karma from us. Renekton was the final of the 3 bans from Bombers as the boys did not want to...
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2-0 and momentum building!

Game 1 –┬áDire Wolves To get the game underway Dire wolves started out with an Irelia ban as we followed with a Mordekaiser ban. Azir was next to follow for the Dire Wolves as Yuumi was taken away by us. Interestingly Dire Wolves banned Olaf last whist we wanted to ensure Dire Wolves would not...
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