Eyes on the prize – Week 8 Review

Game 1 – Avant Gaming

Straight into champion select Avant Gaming came in with a plan and did not hesitate with any of their first three bans, Avant removed Yasuo, Irelia and Yuumi. It was proving quite difficult for us to draft against Avant Gaming with their roster swaps but we opted for the Sylas, Lucian and Tristana bans. The first three picks before next phase of bans for Avant were Corki, Tahm Kench and Lee Sin. Our first three were Ezreal, Jarvan and Qiyana which meant both teams were looking to play standard compositions thus far. The last two bans from Avant were Karma and Kennen while ours were Cassiopeia and Zilean targeted at Shok. Avant finished off their pick ban with Vel’Koz bottom and Aatrox in the top lane, we counter picked the Aatrox with Camille and Braum in the support position.

The match came to life at the 10 minute mark as all 10 players made their way into the bottom lane, Pabu managed to pick up first blood onto Gunkrab’s Tahm Kench but Raid and Pabu were killed trying to exit the fight making it a 2 for 1 in Avant’s favour. 13 minutes in Avant started up the Rift Herald, we tried to contest it but a little detour meant Pabu grabbed a kill onto the Aatrox but Avant secured the Rift Herald as a trade. At 21:45 minutes Pabu got his 11th solo kill of the year where he tower dove the Aatrox and took the turret. At this point the gold lead was close to even and it was a game of who executed their team composition better. 28 minutes into the game and Avant were feeling the pressure of Pabu’s Camille so they made the decision to start the baron and go for the 50/50 smite, Praelus availed the winner of the Baron smite for the trade of his life. Pabu did not bother joining the action as he took the bottom lane inhibitor and one nexus turret. A lull in action meant we needed to wait until the next Baron respawn before we could consider ending the game. When the clock struck 34:30 minutes we had denied all vision from Avant, left Pabu bottom lane and started the Baron. Redemption was used by Avant to check but it was all too late, Avant teleported in with Corki to try and force the fight, Pabu didn’t flinch and ignoring the Aatrox he took down the last nexus turret and managed to ‘xPeke’ Avant’s nexus giving us the win.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina and Haeri ran through the game after another win

Game 2 – Chiefs

Our match against The Chiefs was going to be a tough one. Into champion select Chiefs first phase of bans were Yasuo, Yuumi and Tristana. Ours were Rumble with Swip3rr playing mid lane, Nautilus and Lucian. The first three picks for The Chiefs were Xayah, Sylas and Renekton whilst we had Tahm Kench, Ezreal and Azir. The second phase of bans for The Chiefs meant they banned Sejuani and Jarvan while we banned Karthus and Rakan. To finish off the pick/ban The Chiefs locked in Karma and Lee Sin as we responded with Gragas and Aatrox.

The Chiefs played a very fast pace game and made their intentions clear as at 3 minutes Only was already trying to fight Praelus in his jungle. Only made his presence known at 6 minutes where a well executed tower dive top lane had Only picking up First Blood on Haeri. 7:35 into the game had Only repeat ganking top but this time Praelus counter ganked with the Flash/Body Slam to pick up the kill. 10 minutes in had Swip3rr diving our bot lane and as a response we start the Rift Herlad, The Chiefs were quick to adapt as they travelled across map picking up the kill on Praelus and the Rift Herald. 11:45 had Thien outplay Pabu and Praelus in the 1v2 picking up a kill while Only counter ganked to pick up the second. Just 12 minutes in and The Chiefs managed to accrue a 4 thousand gold lead. At 21 minutes The Chiefs started up the Baron and secured it without a contest. We made a desperation play at 22 minutes where we forced an engage in mid lane picking up 1 kill but losing 2 members and the top/mid lane inhibitors. The Chiefs then maintained their push into the base and whilst they quickly took down the nexus at 23 minutes.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina chats with Pabu about his thoughts after the game