Onwards and upwards for the Gravitas boys!

Game 1 – Chiefs

After the first week, our third game matches us up against the Chiefs. After the first wave of banning we leave Sejuani open, only to have Only lock her in for himself, of course, knowing how much CC she possesses we decide that Praelus on Olaf is the way to go. Already deciding on one response, Nautilus was locked in for Decoy. The two champions would aim to peel for their carries in the upcoming teamfights. Our opponents decide on Camille and an Irelia, not entirely sure of their team composition a Renekton was locked in for the flex. After the second wave of banning the boys found themselves locking in Raid’s infamous Ezreal. Once the Chiefs locked in Kaisa for Raes alongside Eyla on Galio, Gravitas realise they needed someone who could match their soloists, thus Pabu had opted to play Jax.

Taking advantage of the early pressure, Only goes for a gank onto Haeri burning his flash quite early, a worthy trade to prevent giving first blood. The first dragon of the match was an infernal, with the amount of stats it provides both teams knew how much of a priority this objective was.
With the amount of pressure on either side, both junglers rethink their strategy and head mid to get priority. Praelus rushes onto Claire with Haeri following up, Only thought he would be able assist his fellow teammate, but the Olaf was too strong. With Only going down, Claire is also sacrificed to Praelus giving him the double kill. Wanting to keep the momentum the team head on over to the spicy objective. Unbeknownst to the team, Raes waited patiently as the rest of the Chiefs back him up to take the Infernal for themselves. Despite the early lead, Chiefs were still well in the game and the boys needed to respect that.

Heading into the mid game with no objective on the map, but the nexus still in sight, both teams focus on their side lanes. The amount of split potential from each side Gravitas focus on keeping their lead and secure themselves a free baron due to no vision from the side of Chiefs. They are able to break into the chief’s base at 27 minutes, and pushed to end the game swiftly. Not realising the tower still needed to go down, Pabu and Haeri go for an engage on swip3rR. With the amount of crowd control on Chiefs side, Haeri was the first to fall and Swip3rr soon after. The fight was not over yet as the inhibitor tower goes down the rest of Gravitas commit to the fight. Decoy’s life was sacrificed for the good of the cause, but the redemption going down onto Raes and the inhibitor being completely ignored, Raid was left alone, crushing their plans to end the game.

So much pressure from both sides and despite Gravitas having such a lead throughout the game their opponents had been able to come back after an impatient engage in their base. Knowing full well the last fight would determine the game Chiefs wait for Gravitas to walk into their trap as a Glacial prison strikes Decoy, the Chiefs continue their conquest as Swip3rr lands a four man Vanguard’s edge taking down Decoy. Although Raid was able to attack freely, it was not enough as Haeri is the second to fall, with both members going down, the rest of the team needed to disperse. Claire found an opportunity and a Hextech Ultimatum was activated and if that wasn’t enough Eyla’s Hero’s entrance sure was. Praelus tried desperately to rescue his teammate, but left Pabu on his own to defend. With one man against five, Pabu knew it was all or nothing, but with the death timers high and no opportunity for a duel the Chiefs are able to come out on top.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina had a chat with Decoy after the game


Game 2 – Dire Wolves

Already at a three loss streak, there would be no messing around in the match against Dire Wolves. Decoy decides that he wants to provide the most amount of support to his team and asks for the Yuumi to be prioritised. The Aatrox and Lucian go to the side of Dire Wolves, Praelus wants Raid to feel comfortable and with his signature champion being left open, Ezreal is the obvious choice.Haeri locks in Sylas for himself letting Dire Wolves know that any sort of ultimate they plan on providing, will most definitely be used against them. With an interesting pick of Lux goes to the opponent, whether it be for Getback or Totoro, the boys were prepared for anything. Pabu feels confident to lane against Biopanther’s Akali and locks in his Irelia, Praelus wants to go for something that provides engage on their side and opts for the Rek sai. With mid and jungle being the only roles left, Getback surprises us all as an Aatrox is locked in for his teammate with Raise on Lee Sin.

With nothing but a victory in sight, Praelus burrows his way around the map, putting the pressure onto Biopanther and burning Getback’s flash, he focuses down onto the bot lane our star jungler gets a nice catch onto Totoro, giving first blood to Raid. With the early lead onto Raid, the dynamic duo continued to dominate their lane, ensuring there was no way for Katsurii and Totoro to stop them from winning.

Dire Wolves attempt to get back into the game and grab Shelley for themselves, but that just gave Praelus an easy Mountain dragon for the team. Gravitas constantly matched every play their opponents threw at them, ensuring to never give up the lead they gained early in the game. Having the stronger siege the team applied the 1-3-1 strategy, keeping Dire Wolves on their toes, both solo players Pabu and Haeri doing work in the side lanes. Knowing they had the upper hand Praelus and Decoy go for the engage in the mid lane. With the double teleport from their comrades it gave them an even bigger advantage coming out strong once again in the teamfight.

Baron dance gets delayed as they feel taking down Raise and Totoro would secure the objective much easier. With the baron their side one final fight would determine their victory, Raise found an opening onto Raid placing him amongst three members of the opposing side but a well timed stopwatch stalled the fight long enough for Decoy and Praelus to disengage. With more members of Gravitas coming in to assist, the final fight broke out. Dire wolves desperately trying to get onto Raid, both Biopanther and Getback, trying to ‘get back’ a lead,but the boys had his back taking down their front line they make the final push, adding Totoro to their KDA securing their victory as the nexus falls.

Gravitas end the week with a win, all members playing exceptionally well and this is exactly what they needed to boost their spirits. Stay tuned for week three as their journey continues in the next few days.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina and Jackson ‘Pabu’ Pavone caught up at the airport to talk about the victory and week ahead!