Strong resilience from the Gravitas boys

Game 1 – Bombers

Breaking their loss streak in the second split, the Gravitas boys were on a high. After a week’s worth of scrims they felt prepared to square up against the Bombers. With their opponents banning both Sejuani and Yuumi, the boys needed to rethink their winning strategy and prioritise an Irelia for the team. An Akali and Xayah are locked in, whether the Akali was for Mimic or Ryoma wasn’t clear, however the appearance of a lover’s duo definitely was. Knowing who the Bombers will play in the bottom lane, Decoy feels a Lux would be appropriate and Raid, changing things up for the team and plays Sivir. The duo would aim to utilise the strongest picks at the moment to wave clear and deal a lot of poke based on the range Lux possesses. After the second wave of bans a Reksai is chosen for Wilder. With still no clear indication of a mid laner, the team decided that it was ideal for them to lock in Pyke for Pabu to secure a safe lane, regardless of who Bombers chose. Praelus opts for the Gragas and the Bombers lock in Aatrox for Mimic up in the top lane.

Bringing the confidence from the last game against the Dire Wolves, Praelus goes for a confident invade in Wilder’s jungle. However he was met with Rogue and Looch near the blue sentinel, a slight misstep towards Wilder only secured Praelus’ fate as first blood was handed to Looch on Xayah. With the early lead again Gravitas, Wilder ensured they would keep the momentum taking an early infernal dragon for the team. The early game was looking rough for the boys of Gravitas as Haeri goes down to Wilder and roam from Rogue allowing the Bombers to have a second infernal by the 12 minute mark. However Praelus was able to trade that dragon for the Rift Herald, letting their opponents know not all objectives would be taken by them.

Both teams decide to lane swap their top and bot, but with Wilder having the upper hand on Praelus, keeping the pressure on Raid and Decoy was easy for him. Raid was taken down by a respectable enage from Rogue, with all members of both teams meeting in the top lane Haeri trades himself with a kill onto Wilder bringing some gold to the team. Gravitas showing their determination use Shelley up in the top lane, only to have the Bombers taking first tier tower mid and splitting bottom lane with Wilder securing yet another dragon. It felt that every turn Gravitas took to get back in the game, the Bombers were already two steps ahead of them.

With the Bombers in Gravitas’ jungle taking all their resources time and time again, they decide to grab a pick onto an unsuspecting Mimic in the top lane. An incredible outplay on Aatrox allowed for the farmed champion to take both Praelus and Pabu down as Raid was also slain in the mid lane. With everything going so well without him Wilder continued to take objectives, adding yet another infernal dragon under the Bombers’ belt.

Bombers take down Baron Nashor, with four dragons and now the epic monster buff to boost their stats, the boys defend, trying to drag out the game to get the items they need to fight back. With all three of their inhibitors being taken down there was nothing the team could do to stop Bombers from getting both a cloud dragon and a second Baron. Knowing full well with all those dragons and baron, with nothing but the nexus towers in place. The boys couldn’t defend against the Bombers minions as they take down the remainder of their base.

An unfortunate game, but the boys never gave up, they made plays where they could and it is this type of determination and persistence that will give them the victory in the next game against Legacy.

Full Match Stats & VOD

Raid and Gravitas GM Brandon “Juves” Defina had a quick chat after the game

Game 2 – Legacy

After an upsetting first game from the day before, the Gravitas boys have reset their mental and were determined to push for a victory. Legacy also being in the same position we could already tell that both teams were going to push hard for a win. The champ select stage we find that Aatrox is the prioritised champ for Papryze up in the top lane, with nothing really to go on here Praelus decides on his undefeated champ this split, Reksai and Lux is locked in for Decoy. With half of Gravitas’ bot lane being shown, team Legacy lock in the lovers duo. Feeling confident, Sivir is chosen for Raid, having versed the exact duo last game Decoy and Raid are more than prepared for laning phase. With top and mid still undecided, Pabu chooses Camille to match the duel against Aatrox, allowing Haeri to go for a counter pick. Heading back to Legacy we find Gragas being locked in for Guts and an Akali for the mid laner Chazz. With the entirety of the enemy team being locked in Haeri goes for the Emperor of the Sands, Azir.

Both teams suffering from a disappointing loss they play safe early game, with a few close calls here and there; the real spice comes through when the Rift Herald is started by Legacy. With all members minus Praedyth on Shelley, Haeri and Praelus let Legacy know they want to contest. Pabu and Decoy make their way towards the pit. Pabu hookshot, flashes into a Hextech Ultimatum as Decoy lands a double light binding. With Shurima by his side Haeri is able to secure the Rift Herald as well as first blood onto Guts. Unfortunately Praelus is taken down by Chazz, but that doesn’t stop Gravitas from taking more, avenging his teammate the boys take down the rest of Legacy in a clean four for one exchange, securing Shelly and the first turret of the game in the process.

With two infernals under their belt, the team wants to push for a third, seeing Chazz all alone in the bot lane the boys pull the classic “goon squad”, with one member of Legacy down they take down the dragon, with a mistimed body slam, Guts finds himself on the wrong side of the fight, despite flashing out the Gravitas boys emphasize what a mistake that was. After taking him down, the boys chase to add Papryze to the scoreboard and start the Baron, despite not having their comrade, Praedyth and Chazz still had the guts to contest them. Once the Baron had fallen and their opponents turned, it was at this moment that Legacy realised their mistake, but at least they were able to avenge their jungler by taking down Praelus.

Having the Baron and three infernal dragons on their side, Gravitas make their way into Legacy’s base. Crayzee saw a great opportunity to activate his Quickness, but Pabu was feeling ‘Galaxy brain’, and lands a beautiful hookshot stun onto the Rakan, Crayzee was still able to use his Grand Entrance, as Hextech Ultimatum is used on him. With the successful knock up from Crayzee, Legacy saw this has their opportunity to make a comeback, but Gravitas had other plans. With Raid’s On the Hunt going down, Decoy unleashed his Final Spark, hoping to get the damage off Guts throws out his Explosive Cast only to be taken down immediately. Haeri uses an amazing Emperor’s divide for the damage and to deny Chazz and Papryze any sort of DPS. One by one the rest of the members of Legacy fall down to Gravitas glory and they take down the nexus for the victory.

Finishing the third week 1-1, the boys are finally picking up the pace for this second split. Next week the boys will be facing up against Order, followed by Avant Gaming. Will this be the 2-0 week we’ve all been waiting for?

Full Match Stats & VOD

Brandon “Juves” Defina chats with Decoy and Praelus for a post-game recap